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Lifestyle Rehabilitation for your dog

We are now running ‘Lifestyle Rehabilitation’ sessions where we combine a physiotherapy session with a training and behaviour approach to help manage our orthopaedic and neurological canine cases. These sessions are run by Claire North (BIPDT 1st grade (Hons)) and Hannah Michael (ACPAT Cat A Vet Physio).

These sessions are aimed at dogs who have physical issues such as post surgical cases (spinal or limb) or chronic orthopaedic issues such as Elbow Dysplasia or Hip Dysplasia but who are also struggling from a mental well-being and daily lifestyle perspective. Realistically this is probably the case in the majority of these situations.

There are many cases, especially in juvenile or high-drive dogs, where restriction of daily exercise routines is necessary in order to successfully manage the physical state of a dog. This can have subsequent negative effects on the dog’s behaviour and development both in the short and long term. Combining a knowledge of the physical limitations and also aims of rehabilitation, alongside training knowledge and skill mean we can hopefully enable a healthier, happy dog.

We work closely alongside veterinary guidance and management.

Is your dog struggling to cope with a physical issue that is impacting on his/her behaviour?

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