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“I work in Yorkshire providing animal physiotherapy for dogs and horses. I worked as a qualified human physiotherapist initially. Having grown up with horses and dogs I always hoped I would be able to transfer my physiotherapy skills to enable me to treat animals as well as people. In order to carry out Equine and Canine Physiotherapy I studied for two years at the Royal Veterinary College in Hertfordshire. Having qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist I now treat mainly horses and dogs. I always work with veterinary approval or referral to ensure that each patient is treated appropriately and to the highest of standards.”


Animal physiotherapists must be registered with ACPAT (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy) which ensures that all members keep up to date with training and safety regulations

Specialist treatment and rehabilitation for horses and dogs by ACPAT Veterinary Physiotherapists in Yorkshire

Theakston Physiotherapy Services Ltd. Reg number: 8213667.

4 Lairum Rise, Clifford, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 6HG. Registered in England and Wales.

Hannah Michael, Director

Theakston Physiotherapy Services Ltd

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy,

MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy, ACPAT (Category A)