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Claire has been dog training since 2002 and holds a First Grade Honours Instructors Certificate from the British Institute of Dog Trainers. She’s also a registered member working toward accreditation from the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (KCAI) scheme. Before her life was changed with the arrival of rescue puppy Lolly, Claire worked for many years training riders and their horses to work together and get the most from their relationship.

Claire currently has two dogs; Lolly, a Border Collie crossbreed, and Bert, a Lurcher. Claire knows just how special rescue dogs can be and has volunteered with several dog rescues; both Lolly and Bertie are rescue dogs and have been incredible ambassadors for rehomed canines.

Claire has competed regionally and nationally in flyball with both dogs since 2004, which also began her passion for dog sports. Sadly Lolly is now retired from flyball, but both dogs train regularly in advanced obedience, and over the years, Claire and Lolly have also trained in working trials, scent work, tracking, and search and rescue work.

Since the introduction of the new sport of Rally, Claire and Bertie have been training and have recently began to compete. Bertie will also be certified shortly as a Pets as Therapy dog, having recently passed his assessment.

Claire’s passion lies in helping owners harness the natural drives and motivations of each dog as an individual, and finding an appropriate dog sport to channel this drive. She believes that every dog should have a fulfilling job that they’re excited to do, and she is always excited to help them find thier dream job.

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Claire North

Claire North is one of the Lead Training Instructors at North K9

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